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We are a specialist WordPress design & development agency in Brisbane. More than just a pretty face – our websites are built in conjunction with a local SEO expert to ensure your business is front and centre when your customers are searching for your products or services.

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Not Your Typical Web Design Agency

Our founding principle is ‘SEO First’ which guides all other decisions in our web design process. This extends way beyond simply placing some keywords in heading tags and calling ourselves SEO experts – we plan, design and build every single element on a web page to improve your organic rankings in Google. 

How do we do this? Our founder is a 8+ year veteran of Search Engine Optimisation and has helped hundreds of Brisbane businesses to increase their rankings.

We also put deep thought and planning into UX strategy & best practices to ensure your website not only ranks well, but converts your visitors into customers. 

Our Services

WordPress Development

We develop on a handpicked set of themes & plugins to ensure your site is secure, fast and reliable.

WordPress Design

Theme templates suck. Every site is custom designed to ensure your business stands out from the crowd. 

WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your themes and plugins up to date is critical – our monthly service ensures your site is always up to date and secure.

WordPress Speed Up

Not only is page speed a confirmed ranking factor, it’s also critical to a healthy conversion rate. We can get your site loading in a flash!

Affordable WordPress
Developers in Brisbane

So you’ve found your way onto our website – most likely from Google – so you know we’re good at SEO. But why else should you trust us to design & develop your WordPress website? 

Answer: We’re small business friendly – we won’t charge you for changes that take 10 minutes, or sell you overpriced web hosting (which is actually just farmed out to another company for a profit).

We like to think of ourselves as one of the good guys, offering WordPress web design Brisbane companies can rely on at a fair price. 

WordPress Design Specialists

Starting as a simple blogging platform back in 2003, WordPress is now the number 1 CMS (content management system) in the world. A massive 43% of the entire internet is built on WordPress including most of Australia’s largest news, entertainment and business websites. We exclusively design and develop WordPress websites – for the following reasons:

Infinitely Customisable – There are over 54,000 free WordPress plugins (and thousands more paid options) that allow you to easily achieve an endless amount of functionalities and customisations – this us to carefully craft every detail of the user experience whilst ensuring your website is 100% optimised for Google.

Widely Supported – As the World’s most used open source CMS, there are thousands if not millions of WordPress developers – future proofing your website and avoiding getting stuck with one particular web developer.

Your Choice of Hosting – Unlike WIX, Squarespace & Shopify, WordPress allows you to choose not only your hosting provider, but also your hosting location which helps with your site speed and SEO efforts.

It’s Easy! – Even the least tech savy business owners can navigate WordPress to add blog posts, upload images and edit pages; saving you from having to pay a developer for small changes. Whether you’re a services business or run a complex multi channel business – WordPress can do it. 

SEO Recommended – Talk to any SEO specialist and they’ll recommend WordPress over any other platform. It’s fast, secure and light on code (if built properly) which all contributes to great SEO results. 

Secure – WordPress is constantly updated to stay one step ahead of hackers, with multiple additional layers of security available via the use of plugins – protecting your data & your business.

Small Business Friendly Pricing

Perhaps you’ve already begun your search for a web designers in Brisbane and been quoted an arm & a leg for a basic WordPress website – that’s where we’re come in. 

Our typical clients are small to medium sized business who require a professional, reliable and SEO friendly WordPress website – but don’t have 15-20k in their marketing budget.

We provide itemised hourly cost breakdowns so you know exactly what you’re paying for & when you’re new site will be ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Rather than offer set package pricing, we prefer to quote each web design project individually. The quoted price depends on multiple factors including:

  • The size of the website
  • Availability of images & copy
  • Design complexity
  • Functionality requirements
  • Amount of target keywords
  • Migration considerations / redirects required

We’ll provide an itemised hourly breakdown so you can see exactly where your budget is being invested.

On average we can design, develop & optimise a standard sized WordPress website for you in 4-5 weeks after receiving everything we need to get started. 

In short no. We’re happy to provide training via a screen share session if you’d like (and we’re just an email or phone call away if you get stuck).

The algorithm Google uses to rank websites takes into account multiple factors including how authoritative your website is (in other words, how many other websites link to your website) so having a perfectly optimised website alone isn’t going to be enough to rank in position 1.

An honest assessment of your SEO potential will be provided during the quote stage. 

If you need help improving your domain authority we can recommend a trusted local provider.

No – 99% of the time any web developer who sells you hosting is white labelling it from another company (with a nice little markup on top for them). 

We strongly recommend WPX hosting 

We’re always here to help if you need assistance troubleshooting an issue and can liaise directly with their support team on your behalf.

Completely understandable that once you’ve achieved strong rankings you might be reluctant to change anything. 

Our SEO Specialists will work closely with the design & development team to take all necessary steps to ensure your rankings are maintained.

Whilst WIX, Squarespace & Shopify are very user friendly; there are a number of reasons why WordPress is preferable – particularly for businesses who rely on organic traffic including:

  • Choice of hosting provider & hosting location – WordPress is opensource meaning you can choose a local Australian hosting company (which is great for SEO)
  • Huge range of well supported plugins to achieve almost any functionality
  • A huge development community – you’ll never struggle to find a WordPress developer
  • Can easily ‘get under the hood’ to work on improving page speed and other areas

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